Akhil Jain shares his views on good Mental health

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“Mental Health” is a term known to most of us yet we tend to ignore or practice things that help in taking care of our mental health. The world today is getting changed and our problems are getting more complex. In the fast-paced life, we have become so busy with our physical needs that we have forgotten to take care of mental well-being.

The hectic work life, career stress, family issues, relationship problems, and many such are the causes of poor mental health.

Today I am sharing with you my story along with the tips for sound mental health.

I was always a good student and someone with many people had huge expectations. While these expectations were justified, it gave a plethora of stress a multitude of times. I came to Delhi from a small town at the age of 18 and with coming to Delhi came more challenges in life. The first year was stressful as it took time for me to adapt to the cosmopolitan culture with widespread diversity. 

The subsequent year was a mixed bag with ups and downs with unforeseen issues which gave a lot of anxiety. The challenges were unstoppable and the career stress began with the entrances, interviews, and a lot more. Fortunately, I got to a place I wanted to be. So far many material desires I achieved came at the cost of my mental health.

But after entering into social workstream I learned a lot of new aspects of mental health and also began practicing it. So here I present a few tips that worked for me for sound good mental health and I hope will benefit a lot of readers reading this.

Mental Health Tips

1. Consider your Mental Health as an Important Part of Life

Considering mental health as an important part of life just as physical health is really important. Talking about it should be normal. The mental well-being us very important to facilitate every other aspect of overall well being.

2. Try seeing the Good Approach

We must realize that any situation from bad to worst brings something good to us. In any case, we must look to find what good it had given to us.

3. Exercise Mindfulness

Our pasts and future give us a lot of stress which has an adverse impact on our health. So it’s important to keep our minds in the present and cherish what and who we are. 

4. Communicate

We can’t live in isolation and many things around us are caused and healed by the people around us. It’s good to communicate our happenings to people we trust and who genuinely care about us. It relieves a lot and helps get your emotional well being.

5. Music

Someone rightly said that music heals. Listening to your favorite music is something that can reduce a lot of tension and help you live the moment.

6. Eclectic

Eclectic refers to deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. The eclectic here is to do whatever you wish to make you feel jovial and give you the enthusiasm to live the world and give you peace. It could be from a physical exercise, a piece of poetry, or a web series. Anything that helps your brain feel reenergize should be exercised.


Mental health is a topic that needs more and more discussion. So we must look to build up a community of people who can freely talk about and open up their mental health issues. And I end up by a small excerpt from my poem

Life is not always hunky-dory
There’s no human with the only glory.
It’s okay not to be okay
It’s okay to be good 
if not better
It’s good to be better
if not the best.
Cause the ultimate glory lies in
When life throws continuous tests
and you still not fail
to enjoy your rest.

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