Why I am not Getting Pregnant?

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Is it so that you have been trying for a very long time but not getting pregnant? You must be having many questions in your mind that what could be the possible reasons for not getting pregnant. It is really disturbing when you have been trying for very long and not getting positive results. Many times you must feel that “why am I not getting pregnant. You are not facing this “not getting pregnant” thing alone but there are more than 10% of couples that face this thing. There are several reasons that affect pregnancy and create complications. Here are some of the reasons for not getting pregnant-


It’s often said to every pregnant woman that they should take proper sleep and stress less. The same goes when you are trying to conceive when you sleep less it exhausts the body and weakens the immune system. Less amount of sleep leads to more pregnancy complications and effects the menstrual cycle as well. It serves as a reason for not getting pregnant.


Poor lifestyle often affects pregnancy and is one of the reasons for not getting pregnant. People who have habits of smoking, drinking not taking proper sleep face pregnancy issues, and also is a cause of infertility. Men often have habits of drinking and smoking which decrease the sperm count and cause irregular ovulation.


These days pollution is increasing to a very high extent. It is one of the answers to the question that why I am not getting pregnant? Many harmful chemicals, smoke, pesticides, plastic food packaging leads to serious health issues. Women often consume things that they shouldn’t, the environment has many injurious elements which make it one of the reasons for not getting pregnant.


One of the reasons for not getting pregnant is infertile sperm i.e male reproductive issues. unusual sperm count affects pregnancy and disturbs the sex life also. Men often smoke and drink which causes severe health problems and is one of the infertility symptoms. Male infertility has side effects that are noticeable without a semen examination, it is a kind of test that measures the health of sperm and semen.


PCOS also is known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition of hormonal imbalance in the female body. It causes the formation of small cysts in the female ovaries that do not allow the ovarian follicle to get mature. It has serious effects on pregnancy. No doubt many women face the issue of not getting pregnant while having PCOD.


It is a serious condition that affects sexual life and has serious consequences. When the tissue that is inside the uterus line also grows out of the uterus it makes the female body infertile. Endometriosis causes serious pain for women and also leads to heavy period bleeding.


Progesterone is a female sex hormone that is one of the factors that affect pregnancy. Progesterone plays a role in regulating the menstrual cycle and mainly it is the one that makes the uterus ready for pregnancy. Less amount of progesterone creates troubles in getting pregnant and can even lead to miscarriages as well. it doesn’t allow the Uterus to carry the baby properly or even develop the baby inside.


There are many women who face irregular periods and often think that Why it affects their pregnancy? It’s true that irregular periods is one of the causes of not getting pregnant. Irregular periods are an indication of unstable ovulation. It is genuinely difficult to conceive without an egg.  The less a women ovulate less are the chances of getting pregnant. You should consult a doctor in case you have irregular periods and start taking proper treatment to decrease complications.


If you are not eating well then this might affect your health and because poor eating conditions affect fertility. If you want to improve your chances of getting pregnant start taking a balanced diet. You should ask your doctor before taking anything and consuming any food. Your diet should be perfect before and after pregnancy as it can affect you and your baby’s health.


Your age is the major can reason behind your infertility. It is often said that girls should conceive between their 20s to 30s. There is no exact age for that but if you do try at a young age then it would not create any problems, moreover at late age women starts losing their eggs which makes it very difficult to conceive.


Not having enough of sex is also a problem, you need to have proper sex if you are planning to have a baby. Try to do it more around your cycles it will definitely help you. But just make sure one thing you don’t overdo that, everything needs to be done in a certain limit, consult your doctor and share each and every sexual problem with her.


Stress can never do any good to you if you are planning to get pregnant just leave all your problems and stress side. Researches say that stress lowers the fertility level and is a major cause behind failed pregnancy. Many couples try a lot of times to conceive in stress which is a very wrong way to do so. You need to be calm, patient, and happy while you are planning to conceive.


Not getting pregnant is a very common problem that women face these days, but the important thing is you should not stop trying. Do not take unnecessary stress and compromise your health, share each and every detail with your doctor, and just check if any of the above points is bothering your pregnancy. There can be any other reason also if you think the problem is serious kindly consult your gynecologist for this.


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