Best Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers

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If you are a new mother, then for sure, you must be facing many challenges while taking care of your baby. Breastfeeding is a challenging thing that every mother has to do, and during the initial phase, no mother is perfect at doing it. Babies need breast milk as it makes them healthy and provides essential nutrients. We understand that you must have a lot of queries and things going on in your mind. Do not worry, you are not alone many mothers like you are sailing in the same boat. As per the World Health Organisation, a baby should be breastfed for around six months and it can be continued till 12 months if needed.

Breast Milk is necessary for your baby as well as the mother too. It is more than food for babies, and for the initial months, the baby takes breast milk only. Breastfeeding is an easy way to build a close connection with your baby.

So Here are the Best Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers:

1. Be Patient While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding step 1

Breastfeeding is a skill that you and your baby both experience for the first time, you may face challenges, but in the end, you have to be patient. Do not panic if you are not doing it well because with the time you will learn to do that. Keep on trying new positions and stay calm during breastfeeding. Patience is everything you need and is one of the useful breastfeeding tips for all new mothers.

2. Find the Right Position

Find the Right Position

The best way to do breastfeeding is by finding the right position, observing your baby while breastfeeding, and choosing the perfect position for both of you. Never force your baby with any position he is not comfortable with. The main thing while feeding your baby is finding comfort for him. Let everything happen naturally and go with the flow. Keep this breastfeeding tip for newborns on your priority list and make sure you follow it while feeding your baby.

3. Avoid Smoking

Avoid Smoking

Do not smoke if you are taking care of your newborn, as it will have a direct impact on your milk production. Studies say that if you smoke a lot, your milk production will tend to decrease. Moreover, Cigarettes consist of nicotine and other toxins, and it transfers harmful chemicals to your breastmilk. Also, it is not healthy for your baby’s health because directly or indirectly, it may impact your baby’s lifestyle. This is a significant and severe breastfeeding tip for new mothers, quitting smoking if you do that regularly.

4. Take Care of Your Skin

Take Care of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is equally important while you are feeding your baby. The skin area around the breasts, every new mother should keep this thing in mind while breastfeeding her baby. Doctors also say that this is a vital breastfeeding tip for newborns, which every mother should be aware of. Apply moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and protect it from being chapped. You can take a recommendation from your doctor before using any product and tips to take care of your skin.

5. Accept Every Challenge

Accept Every Challenge

For sure, you would be very nervous while getting started. Do not worry because you are not alone facing this thing. Try to accept every challenge as you will be facing a lot of issues at the beginning. Your nipples would be cracked, or breasts can also be swollen, but try to deal with these changes. In some cases, the baby refuses to take the breast milk, and it is challenging for mothers to make the baby have their breast milk. Talk to your doctor in case of any issue and stay calm because you can, and you will do it.

6. Understand Your Baby’s Desires

Understand Your Baby’s Desires

Understanding what your baby needs from you is the golden breastfeeding tips for new mothers. Rather than making your baby follow, you understand what your baby wants from you? Notice the position which your baby likes and also pay attention to the moves your baby is making. Keep on patting his back, adjust his mouth, and watch on your baby because no other person can understand your baby than you.

7. Don’t Worry About Losing Milk

Don’t Worry About Losing Milk

Many mothers fear to lose their breast milk but do not worry about it as your breasts start preparing milk during your pregnancy only. Your breasts produce milk as per your baby’s needs. Also, there is a myth about the size of breasts giving less milk supply, do not worry as the milk production is not related to your breast size. During the initial days, a fluid named colostrum, i.e, creamy milk which is healthy for your baby’s development.


Breastfeeding is not easy and can be challenging as well during your initial days every mother looks for amazing breastfeeding tips to make it relaxed and calm. We have given useful breastfeeding tips for newborns that can help you to manage the issues and be aware of the essential things to follow while feeding your baby. Notice the signs of breastfeeding, and make sure you stay happy and relaxed during this time.

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