Newborn Baby Care Tips for Parents

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Birth of a baby is really special for every parent and they always want to take good care of their child. From food to baby’s clothes there are a lot of things to manage. A baby’s birth changes your life totally. Parenting is not easy when you are doing it for the first time, parents are nervous and excited too as taking care of a baby is not an easy task. With babies there comes a lot of responsibilities which every parent has to handle. Change in lifestyle, sacrifices, struggles you have to go through a lot, but the happiness you get by sacrificing all this is priceless. So here we are sharing some baby care tips to make the newborn feel special and take care of your baby in the initial phase.

How to Take Care of Newborn Baby

1. Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is very important and should be done in the correct way. Breast Milk keeps your baby healthy and protects him against allergies and infections. It is one of the essential baby care tips that every parent should practice. Stay comfortable while feeding your baby and just wait for your baby to be pleasant with the breastfeeding position.

2. Swaddle Your Baby

baby swaddle

Swaddling is an old practice that people used to do to make their baby sleep. It is a great tip for baby care that not only helps in calming the baby but gives them a proper long sleep also. Experts believe that Swadling is an effective way to recreate the feeling of security and make them calm.

3. Bathe Your Newborn

You should learn how to give a bath to your newborn. Most parents lack in giving a proper bath due to no experience but don’t worry it’s never too late. Whenever you bathe your baby just make sure that you do not wash the area around your baby’s umbilical cord and should even ask your doctor about correct baby care tips for bathing.

4. Correct Baby Food

baby food

One of the most important things while taking care of your newborn is to feed him the correct food. For the first few months do not give your baby any solid, around 4-6 months of age baby only takes a liquid diet and the baby food is all about drinking. The baby mostly takes breastmilk and it will provide the baby all the essential nutrients and make him healthy

5. Proper Sleep

Proper Sleep is necessary for your baby’s health, during the first 3-4 months babies experience sleep issues and cry most of the time. Try to comfort your baby as much as you can, hold your baby on your shoulder and keep patting on his back to make him calm. You can also try by shifting his positions and place him on his back while making him sleep for safety purposes. It is even advised to take proper sleep during your pregnancy days so that baby can also have an ample amount of sleep. 

6. Baby Care Tips for Skin

Common skin problems occur during the time of your baby’s bath, make sure that baby’s skin is moisturized and hydrated in the warm water. Apply moisturizer and lotion to the baby’s body immediately after bathing. You can even use baby oil to make the skin strong and it can easily deal with wrinkly and dry skin.

7. Clean Your Baby’s Room Daily

Proper dusting and cleaning should be done in your baby’s room. Proper hygiene and cleanliness should be maintained. Change the bedsheet and pillow covers of the room in which your baby is. Moreover, do not use any harmful chemicals or sprays in your baby’s room. A cleanroom is important for keeping your baby away from diseases and various infections.

8. Baby Diaper Training

baby diaper

This would be a thing that you have to do maximum times a day because newborn babies poop a lot. Keep a track of your baby’s activities especially when it comes to bowel movements. Get the best diapers for your baby and make sure they are the correct size. Wash your hands before changing the diapers and wipe the area to prevent the baby from infection

9. Avoid Kissing Your Baby on Mouth and Face

During the time of baby’s birth a lot of people visit and it means the baby will be crowded by a lot of people. A newborn Baby’s health is very sensitive during the initial days and you need to make sure that no one touches or kisses your baby’s mouth and face. Ensure a safe and healthy environment around your baby and sanitise your hands before touching the baby. This is one of the baby care tips that most of the people ignore,just make sure you keep your baby away from an unhealthy environment.

10. Massage Your Baby

baby massage

Many types of research say that massage is effective for your baby’s good health. It helps in keeping your baby calm and relaxed. It is a great way to make them happy and comfortable, newborn baby care is not easy for everyone but a comfortable massage can definitely keep it going. Proper massage ensures proper sleep and you can even ask your doctor about various massage techniques for your baby.


Above are some amazing baby care tips for your newborn that you can try doing. If you are a first-time parent these techniques will certainly help you. Moreover, keep asking your doctor about things you are not sure of, try to bond with your baby as much as you can and make him used to things. Baby Care is an important part after the birth of a baby, any carelessness can harm your baby’s health. There are many more things to do when it comes to parenting. Just be confident and handle everything maturely, because you can do it.
Happy Parenting!

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